donderdag 31 december 2009

The first one - what a special moment

The first entry in my blog.
What a special moment...

Why do I start this blog.
I have a lot of recipes in my head which I want to store somewhere. And lots of people ask me for recipes. Now these people can browse my blog to find my recipes.

I want to share my ideas about food. Food is important and it is so much more than just a meal. Food must be enjoyed through your senses. You can see food, smell food, taste food. There is comfy food, food for a cold winters day, a hot summers day and food which the children like.

Food should be good, food must be honest. Support your local farmers and stores.
Their food is usually honest and offers variety throughout the seasons. Every season has something good to offer. If you prepare your food according to the natural cycle, you won't be bored.

In our house we try to divide the week. Ideally this should be 2 days fish, 2 days meat, 2 days vegetarian and 1 day miscellaneous.
Most of the time this works out. I like well prepared fish just as much as a good organic lamb chop.

Also after my second daughter was born I had to lose weight. I had to change the way I ate, change
my lifestyle completely.
Eat less, move more, but still eat good food was the new motto.

I had to be very creative with my food and my alcohol intake.
Eat low fat cheese, less fat, less this, less that. But it's possible to keep the quality of your food, only with less fat. Off course you can treat yourself to something nice, but I found that all the things I liked and were bad for my diet, were offered in a light variety. So far I can eat anything I want. Have fun! Greetz, Hurmie

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  1. Congratulations on a new succes...
    A wonderfull first entry to a new creative project. One of the many many things on your list of talents!

    Who knows... maybe I'll even learn to cook in stead of being one?